Icelandic Lopi Yarn

Our lopi style yarn is a bulky, single ply, loosely spun yarn in the Icelandic tradition. This is a wool that is not over-processed--it is easy and quick to knit, not to mention extremely versatile.

Our Products

Pepper Jelly

The perfect fusion of sweet and heat! Try with cream crease and crackers for an easy appetizer. Just wait until you try it!

Icelandic Sheep

On Golden Farm Farm specializes in Icelandic sheep for sale for registered breeding stock, fiber, and grass fed lamb. 

Fresh Cut-Flowers

OK, they're not just gorgeous, but they are the freshest cut flowers you will find. Harvested in the early morning at peak freshness, they have a long vase-life when properly maintained.

Raw Icelandic Fleece

The versatility of Icelandic wool, the ease of spinning, and the wide variation of tones and colors are a true delight for hand spinners. It is also one of the best fleeces for felting projects.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We’re not ones to brag, but our eggs are simply the best you’ve ever had. Either on their own or in your favorite recipe, they are simply delicious.

Custom Lamb Shares

Our Icelandic lamb is by far the best  lamb you will ever eat (of course we are definitely biased). The quality of the meat is mild and gourmet flavored. It's the perfect canvas for many wonderful recipes.

Hot Peppers & Culinary Herbs

The perfect accompaniment for all of your dishes this season, our hot peppers and culinary herbs are sure to knock your socks off.